Client Testimonials

Here's how our legendary clients felt after signing up to Empowered in 8 and why you should take action now too 👇🏼


Just excellent coaching in terms of support, programming, nutrition and exercise advice, as well as overall lovely human beings!

The difference here is the wonderful coaches and how much time and energy they put into you to individualise the programme when you need specific adaptations or advice. The bijou aspect of the group is great too, as it allows the coaches to really get to know you.

Empowered in 8 has helped me focus back in on what I need to adapt to move me more towards my goals and I feel like I’ve built a wee bit more muscle. Don’t hesitate to join if you are thinking of it.


I signed up for lots of reasons. I love the way this combines group coaching with 1-2-1 checkins with my assigned coach. I was excited to start and was not disappointed. Catherine and Sarah have tremendous combined skills and they are both so invested in ensuring we are supported in our individual needs and quirks!

The coaches are so knowledgeable with the right amount of kind and challenging responses to questions and chat. The group is supportive and fun!

I’ve loved the workouts and even did some “home” workouts whilst away on holiday, something I’ve never done before.

If you want to work on some goals, big or small, get involved, and bring your GIF game! I’ve got some great goals to focus on for the last bit of the year, and I can’t wait to see what I can achieve with this team in my corner.


Empowered in 8 has kept me on track to achieve my longer term goals and the support both Catherine and Sarah provide is amazing. The content inside EI8 is so valuable, and the coaches are always willing to answer questions and help in any way they can.

You have both done such a great job with this coaching program. Your work ethic, care and knowledge shines through. I’m super impressed and glad I was part of the 1st round!


After years of yoyo dieting and haphazard gym attendance I am so happy I joined and remained a member. I have never been successful with weight loss, body composition but most importantly mindset regarding my body confidence and image.

Empowered has offered me the knowledge and skills to understand my body and accept the process of change as difficult at times but ongoing - not an overnight fix. I am able to observe my feelings and think through my choices rather than make rash decisions which prevent me from long term adherence and success.

The coaches are both absolutely lovely. Friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly they really do care and see every member as an individual. They and the supportive group of peers have picked me up on many occasion and helped me remain consistent and patient, helping me really appreciate my body and myself. 

My successes have included weight loss, inches falling off and toning but most importantly I feel happier, healthier and stronger and I don’t feel alone. I genuinely feel part of a like minded community where people from many walks of life come together and support oneanother through a common goal. 

I cannot thank the coaches enough, they’re wonderful people and I appreciate them more than they know. I’d highly recommend joining 😊


The group is so valuable and a safe space to talk about your wins and struggles. 

I so look forward to fortnightly check-ins knowing I will get fully compassionate, knowledgeable and helpful feedback to help we get further towards my goals.

Can't recommend El8 highly enough!


I signed up because I need accountability and some tips to stop my diet from falling off the edge of a hill.

I definitely feel equipped with a lot more knowledge and helpful tips to stop me from reaching for the snacks. I also wanted to feel stronger and am upping my weights in the gym so that has definitely been achieved.

I would encourage anyone who would like a little nudge in the right direction to join, the coaches are so supportive and there’s no question they can’t answer. 

You’re both great. So knowledgeable and so supportive, with lots of really good advice and it’s been a pleasure to be in the group. I have felt very supported.


If anyone is one the fence about if this is for them, I couldn’t encourage them to just crack on and join more. 

I’ve worked with absolutely brilliant PTs and coaches in the past, and so I ‘know’ lots of the science of fat loss or muscle building. But what I really needed was flexible (and affordable!) coaching support that could meet me where I was at and felt doable in my (slightly hectic) life, to help me make progress I could keep up and still live my life around. 

Catherine and Sarah are not only brilliant and super well read coaches, (there’s not a question they won’t know or won’t research!) but they also care so much about everyone in the group and it really shows. 

I was a little apprehensive about the ‘group’ aspect and had always done 1-1 coaching in the past, but honestly I have to laugh at myself because the group are incredible! Engage in the group as little or much as you like, it’s your choice, but there’s a wealth of support there you can tap into. 


| love being part of this group. Everyone supports you, celebrates your wins, and supports you in any struggles.

I love receiving my check in response, a knowledgeable set of eyes that can point out all your wins, even if you haven't seen them, and set you up to get closer to your goals.

Both coaches are encyclopaedias of knowledge, answer all your questions and worries, and both are compassionate and genuinely care about everyone in the group.

Why wouldn't you want to be part of Empowered in 8?

We start 1st July!