What's Empowered?

The continuation of Empowered in 8 - keep us and the community of legends on your team with a monthly Empowered Membership.

We’ve got your back long term!

How much is it to stay on after the 8 weeks?

We know that reaching your goals takes time and thus we want the long term support to be affordable. It’s £109 per month to stay on, that's £25.15 per week. In fact it works out to be cheaper than the first 8 weeks but the support you receive doesn't change - it gets even better as we get to know you more and more.

How do I continue?

We’ll send you a link towards the end of week 8 so you can sign up to stay on, that way there’s no gap in support and you're not paying too early either. 

Do I get new workouts if I stay?

Yes you do. You'll also keep hold of the original workouts from the first 8 weeks, so you can continue with those if you're feeling in a groove with them.

Does my access to the group continue?

Yes, you stay exactly where you are in the group and there's no need to move anywhere different. 

What happens if I don't stay on?

We'll be gutted to see you go but please know you're always welcome back. If you choose to head out, you will lose access to the contents of the app and the Facebook group.