We start 1st July!

How our coaching helps you

Explore the 8 weeks of Empowered in 8👇🏼

Here's what you get!

The Empowered in 8 group

Daily access to the coaches and community online. Here you can ask questions, share victories or struggles, partake in plenty of banter, join live Q&As and log into regular coffee catch-ups.

Not only will you have access to two caring and knowledgeable coaches in the group but you'll also have access to other people, with similar goals, who all want to see you succeed. Peer support is incredibly valuable - you get to share experience and insights with each other and hear the answer to questions you may not have thought or had the confidence to ask. We all lift each other up here. 

1-1 check ins

To help keep you accountable you’ll have fortnightly written check ins with your Empowered in 8 coach, all done within our app (nice and simple).

The 1-1 check ins are arguably one of the most important and valuable elements of our coaching programme. This is your opportunity to reflect on your wins, your struggles, to ask questions, and have your coach help you make decisions about where to focus your efforts. We encourage you to reflect on your experiences, thoughts, feelings, behaviours and barriers in relation to your goals. All providing you and your coach with a deeper understanding of your progress.

We love detail here! The more information you give us, the better we can support you. We reply personally to you, offering collaborative strategies to overcome your barriers (this isn’t a dictatorship).

Emotional eating workshops

The new addition to our 8 week programme!

We'll guide you through our 4 Step Method to Overcoming Emotional Eating with a series of exclusive in depth workshops, every two weeks.

There’s time in each workshop to ask questions, listen and learn, and share your experiences.

This really does set us apart from other coaching programmes.

Online coffee breaks

Grab a tea, coffee, wine or other beverage of choice.

Every second week we'll run a drop in coffee break where you can meet others on Empowered in 8, enjoy a chat and speak directly with the coaches. 

Beverage not included.

Personalised targets

We’re not about cookie cutter plans over here. We understand that everyone is at a different stage when joining us. We ensure the targets we set at the start are realistic and manageable for you. Whether these are steps, workouts, or nutrition targets - we will work with you to set targets that will stretch you, but not overwhelm you. Doing this means you’re more likely to feel motivated, maintain your progress, and enjoy the process.

Exercise programme

Fun and challenging workouts for you whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned gym pro. Our workouts will meet you where you are and push you that bit further. We’ve got you covered at home and in the gym.

Nutrition guidance

Helping you thrive and not just survive. There’s no restrictive meal plans here - let us help you see that you can still eat the foods you love, socialise, go on holiday, attend that wedding and still make awesome progress towards your health and fitness goals.

Whether you’re looking to fuel for performance, build muscle, lose fat, or improve your relationship with food, we offer the right information and guidance to help you achieve that!

Here’s just some of the tools at our disposal: exploring portion sizes, calorie tracking (or not), your habits and routines around food, inclusivity and variety challenges, building your meals and food environment, tuning into hunger and fullness cues.

Live Q&As

Weekly questions and answers session with your Empowered in 8 coaches. A great opportunity to ask any of your burning questions and learn from the questions of others in the group. Submit your questions to the coaches during or prior to the live Q&A. You may be struggling with something in particular or be curious about something you’ve heard in the health and fitness space. All questions are welcome here. 

Inviting us into your brain allows us to dig deeper into the topics and questions that matter to you the most. Our aim is for you to go away with knowledge and information to make informed and empowered decisions.

They’re also great to listen back to when you’re out on a walk, on your commute, or at the gym. 

Form checking

Feeling unsure whether you’re doing an exercise correctly or something just doesn’t feel right? You can ask the coaches to check your technique. Form checks can help to boost your confidence, get the most out of each and every rep, and allow you to push yourself further in your training, knowing that you’re doing the exercises safely and effectively for maximum results.


We recognise that people don’t always have someone in their lives with whom they can share their fitness goals and interests… this doesn’t have to be the case… having a community of people backing you, means you don't have to work towards your goals alone. Connection is a powerful tool and you never know what doors it could open - both the coaches met each other in an online fitness group and quickly became friends… and now business partners!

App access

When you sign up you'll get access to our mobile app. Keep track of your progress here, log all sorts of metrics that are relevant to your goals, look through your workouts, view extra interesting material, tick off daily habits and check in with your coach 1-1. We've tried to make everything important sit in one place to keep it simple.

Beyond the 8 weeks

If you put in the effort and reach out for support, you'll be able to achieve a lot with us in 8 weeks, but often that’s just the beginning of your journey. Keep us on your team with a monthly Empowered Membership once the 8 weeks come to an end. We've got your back long term! You can leave if you want to but we bet you'll want to come back even if you don't need to. 

Here's how our legendary clients felt after signing up to Empowered in 8 and why you should take action now too 👇🏼

We start 1st July!